Get a head STaRT in the fight against brain tumors

Tough on the tumor. Easier on you and your caregivers.

A radiation treatment specifically designed for use inside the brain, GammaTile Therapy gives patients new hope in the fight against brain tumors. It can eliminate the need for traditional repeat radiation treatments and associated hospital or clinic visits, so patients can focus on what matters most—healing.

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How it works

Your neurosurgeon places GammaTile(s) precisely where and when treatment will help the most—at the tumor site immediately after tumor removal.

Radiation is focused right where it is needed—where the tumor is most likely to recur.

GammaTile is designed to protect healthy tissue, minimizing radiation side effects, including hair loss.[1]

Radiation therapy occurs as you go about your daily life.

The Benefits Are Clear

Improved Local Tumor Control

For patients with recurrent meningiomas and recurrent brain metastases, the use of GammaTile Therapy demonstrated a significant delay in treatment site recurrence compared to their previous treatments.[2,3]

Prevent Radiation Delays

GammaTile®, implanted at the time of surgery, immediately delivers targeted therapeutic radiation to help eradicate residual tumor cells. GammaTile provides consistent and effective radiation ensuring radiation treatment compliance, [5] while preserving healthy tissue and minimizing radiation side effects, including hair loss. [7] With 3 minutes of implant time, there is no more waiting to start radiation.

Get a head STaRT in the fight against brain tumors.

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GammaTile Therapy: Clinical Outcomes

Improved local tumor control in patients with recurrent meningiomas and recurrent brain metastases



Potential to extend overall survival in patients with recurrent glioblastoma (GBM)


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